Man's Prayer

Prayer, meditation and testimony are the systole and diastole of man’s expression and spiritual communication, according to whether he is addressing himself to another, himself or God. This little book, first published in 1974 and revised by the author in 1978, includes a brief essay on prayer, where distinguishing faith from belief is paramount. It also includes 11 prayers and short texts on which to meditate, written by Légaut. Each text is preceded by a brief introduction of the author. Translation by Marta Ribas. Published by AML, 2009.


    [1]         The words which strive.

    [2]         When the word is right.

    [3]         God of Abraham.

    [4]         God, totally other.

    [5]         Irrelevant and ephimeral.

    [6]         Let each one go in peace.

    [7]         Oh You who are Yourself.

    [8]         Father, may your being be fullfilled.

    [9]         Inspired by God.

    [10]       Almighty love.

    [11]       Life and death of Jesus.