True Humanity


A book that is paramount in order to understand Légaut’s line of thought, True Humanity  is the result of his secluded life, deeply immersed in his work and family life during twenty years. It gives a sort of abstract account (without references or stories) of a human journey in which any adult can recognize himself. The first part of True Humanity begins with faith in oneself and absence of being, goes on through the stages of human love and parenthood, approaches the important contribution of the fundamental instincts and leads to “the activity of the memory”, making our death our own and the activity of creation as different to that of making. This first part was published separately under the title of Vivre pour être, in 1975. In the second part, Légaut starts by explaining what, in his opinion, is an adult’s fundamental decision: that is, basically, taking the step from clinging to an ideology of belief to attaining faith and faithfulness. Translated by David Smith and published by Paulist Press.

                 Index and Introduction

    [1]         Faith in Oneself

    [2]         Human Love

    [3]         Parenthood

    [4]         Knowledge of Death

    [5]         Creative Man

    [6]         The Two Options

    [7]         Ideological Belief

    [8]         Faith in God

    [9]         Faith and Ideological belief in God

    [10]       Faith and Mission

    [11]       Spiritual Sonship and Fatherhood

    [12]       Solidarity with Society and Human Communication

    [13]       Expectation and search in the Spiritual life